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Through our careful understanding of your background, experience and professional goals working in Spanish, we create a program that is right for you.

Our process

We begin by discussing your reasons for wanting to learn a language, what your life-style is, how studying a language can fit into your busy schedule.

Each student completes a detailed questionnaire including prior language experience, professional history and career goals using language.

For all students with prior language experience, a telephone assessment is conducted to determine language level and placement in the program.
With professional goals and level determined, we are able to focus a program for you, scheduled at a time that is the most convenient for you.

Group classes

Beginning in 2010 all group classes have been offered through private companies who have a contract with The Language Way. We are very happy to handle your request if you have friends or colleagues who are of a compatible level and who would like to form a group. Please call us at 914-310-8044 to inquire.

The Language Way requires our assessment to determine grouping and level.

Private Instruction

We offer individual instruction for all levels including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced via face-to-face instruction, telephone and skype.

Private instruction is idea for the busy professional and for those who need to focus on very specific professional content. Enjoy your class via phone or webcam in the comfort of your office or home.