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We believe that students learn by practicing and experiencing the language first hand. So that students continually speak Spanish in class, we use dynamic and highly interactive methods, such as: role playing story telling, movies, video taping and real client interviews (when applicable). Our balanced combination of theory and practical application prepares students to feel confident to work in Spanish with their Spanish-speaking clients.

Conversation based instruction- students learn to communicate with confidence in Spanish whether small group, one-on-one or telephone classes.

Spanish only- spoken in the classroom (some directives in English for total beginners).

Situational Approach- students practice with situations they would normally encounter on the job.

No rote verb conjugation- the curriculum is designed so that students acquire the   
proper structures naturally. Rote verb conjugation is de-emphasized.

Cultural competence- Cultural nuances of working with Latinos are an integral component of every program from Beginner to Advanced levels.

Personalized Instruction- We consider each individual's learning style and background with great care. This helps to put the learner at ease and to produce the most effective results.