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Spanish for Dieticians is a conversation-based class to develop the skills for communicating with confidence as a Dietician in Spanish. To keep you speaking Spanish in class, we use stories, role-plays and telenovelas, content specific Youtube mini videos (at your level- not to worry!) 

The entire curriculum is designed around gathering information from the patient about their food likes and dislikes, eating habits, portion sizes and exercise habits- including dancing. In addition, Beginner I and II’s learn the basics of offering simple suggestions about a low sodium diet and diabetic diet. 

Beginner III’s, intermediate and advanced students can further their knowledge of the dietary education portion of your work. In the higher levels we learn to offer more in-depth explanation of low sodium, low fat/cholesterol diets and renal diets.

Latin food by country: Since each Spanish-speaking country has it’s own cuisine; we discuss commonly consumed foods by country and how this influences people’s food choices. We even sample some commonly consumed snacks the last day of class!