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Spanish for Child Life is a conversation-based course to develop the skills for communicating with confidence as a Child Life Specialist in Spanish. Particular sensitivity is paid to word choices and age appropriate explanations of procedures. To keep you speaking Spanish in class, we use stories, role-plays and telenovelas, content specific patient information (at your level- not to worry!)The entire curriculum is developed around your daily interaction with children and their parents. Cultural nuances of working with Latin Families, are an integral component of every course.

Call The Language Way 914-310-8044 to inquire about individual and group classes.

Reimbursed 100% by 1199 continuing education

  • Courses held on-site at your location
  • Time and day to fit your schedule
  • Customized curriculum for CLS
  • Easy Assessment to determine your level
  • Situational Approach- students practice with situations you encounter on the job.
  • Total Immersion- Spanish only spoke in the classroom (some directives in English for total beginners).

Beginner I Spanish for Child Life

Beginner II & III Spanish for Child Life

Intermediate and Advanced Spanish for CLS