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The U.S. has the second largest Hispanic population in the world. Mexico is number one and Spain number three. 2013 US Census website.

                                              New York City

Bronx                54.6%

Manhattan        25.8%

Brooklyn           19.8%

Queens              28.0%

Staten Island    17.9%

                                             Westchester County

Mount Kisco      35.1%

Mount Vernon   14.3%

New Rochelle    27.8%

Ossining            41.4%

Peekskill            36.9%

Port Chester      59.4%

Pleasantville      11.7%

Mamaroneck      24.3%

Tarrytown          20.0%

White Plains      29.6%

Yonkers             34.7%


Stamford           23.8%

Bridgeport         38.2%

New Haven        27.4%

Danbury             25.0%

                                              New Jersey

Union City         84.7%

Jersey City        27.6%

Newark             33.8%