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Translation is a highly specialized field. Not everyone who speaks another language is qualified to translate. Skilled translators often, but not always, seek advanced degrees in translation. Having superior language ability in both languages, combined with expertise in the skill and art of translation allows them to produce documents that are so well written one might mistake it for the original version.

For this reason we hire only qualified translator that have the skill to translate with appropriate nuances and a high level of accuracy.

We work with a team of highly qualified international translators who are sensitive to the variations among Spanish-speaking countries. Our team can produce translations targeted to a specific Spanish-speaking country or standardized translations so that they are appropriate for all Spanish-speaking countries.

Source language to the target language.

    English              to            Spanish

The source language is the language that your original document is in. The target language is the language that you would like your document translated into. Depending on original document will determine which is the source language and which is the target language.

Our fees

General language (non-specialized) - English to Spanish  .15 -.18 per word
                                                      Spanish to English

Specialized language -                      English to Spanish .20 - .30 per word
                                                      Spanish to English

*Marketing and promotional items -  English to Spanish .20 - .30 per word
                                                      Spanish to English

Correction and Revision Fee- call for our currently hourly rate. We include this in our estimate for the translation.

Large projects are subject to a customary 10-15% project management fee in addition to the per word rate. This is to cover the cost of project coordination, hiring and supervising of new staff, standardizing translations among multiple translators and all correspondence.

*Marketing and promotional material may be subject to additional fees if there is consulting based on communicating the sales of an item or services in a another culture.

Request a Free Quote

Our translations are on time and within budget!

1. Call us at 914-310-8044 or e-mail us at languageway@optonline.net
2. Send us the document or project with your desired turn around time
3. We do a word count of the original document and an analysis of the level of language (i.e. general or specialized)
4. We send you a detailed estimate for the translation with turn around time

See an example of our work!