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Our on-site Spanish classes are customized to meet the specific needs and goals or your organizations. We collaborate with you to address the challenges faced by your employees and target training programs in the key areas that will allow staff to perform their jobs with ease in Spanish.

Customized Spanish classes by Profession Programs are designed for your profession allowing you to acquire specialized terminology taking into consideration your professional standards and norms. Don't see a class you need, we will develop it for you!

Placement testing is a cornerstone of all Language Way programs. All students with prior language study or ability are required to undergo an oral assessment of language level. This ensures that students are properly grouped according to level. For individuals, placement shows us where to begin our classes with you.

Convenient One Fee Consulting you pay an all inclusive, flat rate for the group. Rates may vary depending on the level of customization.

Benchmarked against national standards we benchmark student's progress against ACTFL standards for oral proficiency.

Rates include:

.       Placement testing

·       Instruction

·       Instructional Manuals

·       Updates on student progress

·       Implementation process upon request (additional fee may be required)

.       Audio Material